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Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel
  • Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel
  • Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel
  • Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel

Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China.
Certification CE/ ISO
Model Number SN-HSG02
Product Details
24V/40W DC Motor
Case Material:
304 Stainless Steel,Acrylic, Aluminum
Normal Running Life:
> 5 Million Times
Passing Rate:
35-45 Persons/Min
Channel Width:
500mm To 900mm
Glass Swing Barrier
High Light: 

Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier


Brushless Motor Glass Swing Barrier


900mm Channel Swing Turnstile Gate

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Sample order accepted
Packaging Details
Carton/Plywood box/Pallet
Delivery Time
5-10 working days after payment received
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
500 pcs per month
Product Description

High level automatic bldc motor fast speed lane turnstile RFID/face recognition speed gate for hotel/

business hall/commercial building




Speed gate is one of the important parts of modern entrance and exit control. The door wing is driven by the control

system to automatically open and close. The operating mode can be selected through programming settings: As long

as the entry has been verified, the door wing opens automatically. Closed after delay, the delay time is adjustable.

The characteristic is that the running direction of the door wings is forward and backward. The operation process is

within the sight of the human body, making it safer. The style of the swing door is changeable. Generally used in banks,

corporate buildings, high-end office buildings, etc.

The swinging door wing is designed to be in front of pedestrians when the door wing is closed due to unauthorized entry.

Will not cause harm to the human body due to pedestrians avoiding in time. The door wing is driven by a servo motor.

The driving process is gentle and the rotating torque is constant and less than 120NM. When the door wing is closed

due to unauthorized entry, it can ensure that the impact force will not cause harm to the human body.


It is safer and more reliable than other operating methods. In an emergency, when the flow of people is congested, under

the strong impact of the crowd, the door wings can be pushed forward to safely evacuate the flow of people without causing

accidental casualties.



Standard Features & Functions

1. Smooth operating motorized barriers, the entire system runs smoothly, with a small noise and free of mechanical impact.
2. Rapid identification technique, available to identify accurately and efficiently the magnetic card, bar code card, ID card and IC card.
3. The fastlane turnstile system can easily integrates with the 3rd party equipment, such as Biometric systems, consumption systems, ESD system and access control system, etc.
4. Operation model: Both directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode, two or one direction can be controlled by switch-button or access controller.
5. Real time trouble self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance and operation.
6. The running status of device can be set up through pressing the built-in small keyboard of the main control board.
7. The device is locked until a valid open signal is received.
8. Emergency-escape function: When power off, it will be opened the gates automatically to meet the request of fire protection. Also the gates will open by pressing the emergency button which can be remote-controlled whether the power is on or not. (Optional).
9. Light and sound alarm indication function, preventing illegal entry or irregular passing
10 To adjust the operation speed of the barrier according to the flow of passenger and improve the passing rate.
11 LED indicator function: Traffic lights on both sides of the turnstile barrier are the indicator of access status, When the traffic lights show green, it means to pass and the red light means no-entry. The traffic lights on both sides can be set to indicate access for left or right or bi-direction.
12. Anti-pinch function: Auto-alarm will activate for unauthorized pedestrian movement and tailgating. The barrier uses several photo sensors to prevent turnstile closure on a person while inside the lane.


Product advantages

1. No noise.

2. Years of experience in drive research and development;

3. The frame basically adopts the anti-cutting handbag edge design;

4. Imported electronic components are selected for the infrared sensor;

5. The movement drive adopts high temperature quenching to treat the gear drive, with high strength and not easy to wear;

6. Unique drawing pattern of the frame;

7. The middle acrylic partition can be customized with light effect pattern;




1. The device adopts DC brushless motor, which supports at least 5 million normal passages.


2. The device adopts multiple pairs of infrared detection sensors, and adopts anti-tailing tracking control technology,

which can be passed by authorized personnel. When unauthorized personnel enter, an audible and visual alarm will

be issued.

3. The device integrates a voice module which can customize the voice broadcast content according to user


4. The device uses LED to indicate the traffic direction and display the traffic status.

5. The device has anti-shock function. When there is intrusion, the door wing is automatically locked.

6. The equipment has self-test, self-diagnosis, automatic alarm function, sound and light alarm function including

illegal intrusion alarm, reverse intrusion alarm, trailing alarm etc.

7. The device has an automatic reset function. When the gate does not pass within the specified time after opening

the door, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the current pass and set the transit time.

8. The device supports flexible configuration of the access status (controlled, free traffic, no traffic) in the inbound

and outbound directions.

9. The device supports the memory mode which enables continuous and fast traffic.


Pedestrian Crystal Glass Swing Barrier Brushless Motor 900mm Channel 0


Optional & Customized Function

Alternative Materials, Finished and Custom Design
Usage LED Counter function
Audio and visual alarm in the event of an invalid entry or exit and tailgating
Remote Controlled Button
Extra add sensors transmitter and receiver type
Infrared sensors reset function
Access Control System Integration
Camera System Integration
Thermostat System Integration
Card Reader mounting: Card readers may be mounted on the surface of the barrier, or the card readers may be mounted flush mounted. There is an output to interlock the card.
Stroboscopic alarm light prompt function: to help for site administrator to find the failure units fast and exactly.




1. What is your products biggest advantage? 
-------- DC Brushless Motor , no maintenance all the of life, No Attrition, Low Noise ,Hight Intelligence.

2. What is  your flap gates opening and closing time ?
-------- <=0.4s .

3. What is the Swing barrier gate Working environment ? 
-------- They can be used indoor and outdoor(with shelter)

4. Can I customize it ? 
--------Yes, Welcome . We are the manufacturer , We are welcome OEM . 

5. What's you warranty?
-------- 1 year time warranty .




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