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40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier
  • 40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier
  • 40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier
  • 40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier

40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China.
Certification CE/ ISO
Model Number SN-FB02
Product Details
Channel Width:
Wing Length:
Wing Material:
Clear Acrylic
Wing Thickness:
Power Consumption:
Use Environment:
Indoor / Outdoor With Shelter
High Light: 

100W Retractable Flap Barrier


270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier


40people/Min Access Control Turnstile Gate

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Sample order accepted
Packaging Details
Carton/Plywood box/Pallet
Delivery Time
5-10 working days after payment received
Payment Terms
T/T or western Union
Supply Ability
3,000pcs per month
Product Description

Fast flow rate retractable maintenance-free DC brushless motor LED light entrance wing barrier


The composition of the wing gate


The composition of the wing gate is composed of the chassis, the movement, the control system, the infrared sensor, the control equipment, etc. The material is imported or domestic SUS304, the thickness is 1.5mm, and the movement has a mechanical anti-pinch, even if the electronic anti-pinch is broken, the mechanical anti-pinch is the same Effective, will not hurt people, greatly improve safety, electronically controlled industrial-grade chip, good stability, no crash, fast recovery, infrared sensor can detect the signal.


Working principle of wing gate


The working principle of the wing gate: a fast retractable door is embedded in each of the two wings of the passage. When the device detects the opening signal, the two doors will be synchronized and quickly retracted to make the current passage in a barrier-free state. The main control panel of the machine has pulse signal instructions, the control system directs the work of the mechanical system, and the gate is opened. When the pedestrian passes the sensing point, the machine control board informs the movement of the electric switch. Illegal intrusion into the machine alarms, there are electronic anti-pinch and mechanical anti-pinch, the gate opens and closes in place to become a dead point mechanism, and pedestrians cannot be opened, which improves the reliability of traffic.


Adaptation range of wing gate


It is suitable for one-way or two-way control of the flow of people entrance and exit channels.

◇Import and export channels of stations, docks, and tourist attractions;

◇Ticket inspection channels such as exhibitions and swimming pools;

◇Import and export attendance, access control and consumption management of communities, factories, enterprises and institutions;

◇Special channel control;




1200*300*980mm ( L*W*H)
SS 304 stainless steel
Channel width
Wing length
Control method
Fully automatic
Control direction
Single direction or bi-direction
Alarm anti-pinch
illegal intrusion, trailing alarm function
Passing speed
30 to 40people / minutes
Working power
AC 100V to AC 240V
Use environment
Indoor, outdoor



1.With fault self-test and alarm prompt function, convenient for user maintenance and use.


2.Through the built-in small push-pull on the main control board, device operating state can be programed.


3.The mechanical structure has anti-pinch and anti-collision function. When the swing arm is blocked during the reset process, the motor automatically stops working within the specified time. Reset again after the default delay (until reset), and the force is very small (≤ 2kg).


4. Illegal intrusion, trailing alarm, reverse intrusion gate automatically closes


5.Anti-shock function, the arm is automatically locked when no open signal is received.


6.Telescopic arms are adjustable synchronously (for double pendulum)


7.With automatic reset function. After the switch is opened, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the pass when there is no pass within the specified time.The reset time is adjustable from 1s to 60s (the system default time is 10s). After the power is cut off, the channel is automatically opened (in accordance with fire protection requirements), and the power-on channel is automatically closed.


8.Infrared sensor reset, infrared sensor anti-trap function (configure 5 pairs of infrared)


9.It can be connected with a variety of devices such as access control systems, consumer systems, electronic ticket systems, biometric systems, and electrostatic testers.


10.The one-way or two-way control personnel can enter and exit, and the infrared sensing in and out channels.


11.Voice prompt function.


12.Remote control and management can be achieved directly through the management computer.



40people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier 040people/min 100W 270mm Wing Retractable Flap Barrier 1





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