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6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier
  • 6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier
  • 6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier
  • 6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier

6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China.
Certification CE/ ISO
Model Number SN-BW-O
Product Details
Arm Up Size:
Arm Up Height:
Arm Down Size:
Arm Down Height:
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:
12V DC
Running Time:
5-6 Sec
Neutral Carton
High Light: 

6 Sec Parking Space Barrier


12V Battery Parking Space Barrier


Screw Transmission Parking Lot Lock

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Sample order accepted
Packaging Details
Carton/Plywood box/Pallet
Delivery Time
3-7 working days after payment received
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
3,000 pcs per month
Product Description

Imported low speed maintenance free reliable DC motor screw transmission parking space barrier


Product Introduction


BW-O automatic parking lock is equipped with a strong large capacity 12 volt battery which is re-chargeable (about 8 hours). 


Automatic parking lock is used in all kinds of parking spaces. It will protect your parking space by standing guard while you and your vehicle are away. You can feel at ease that no vehicle can park in your space and inconvenience you. The BW-O automatic parking lock is used to stop this type of parking disruption.




1. Driven by imported low speed maintenance free reliable DC motor, no mechanical reduction gear, low noise.


2. Built in spring balance mechanism, screw transmission, light load

3. Imported baking paint which is not easy to fade. Pressure resistant design, can withstand 5 tons of pressure

4. High sensitive short circuit switch, safe and reliable, service life of 1 million times

5. Reliable microprocessor and IC circuit intelligent control are adopted. Low power consumption and more reliable performance

6. With the function of delay on locking and unlocking, overload and over-voltage circuit protection and resistance alarm function

7. When moving, it will automatically reverse under external resistance and will not affect the parking lock control part

8. The whole body adopts screw integration, which is convenient for dis-assembly and repair and reduces the maintenance cost

9. Working mode of front and rear operation, waterproof design and ultra-low design

10. The swing arm is connected by spring, which has a certain anti-collision protection effect




Name O shape parking lock
Model SN-BW-O
Dimension(arm down) 590x500x85mm
Dimension (arm up) 590x500x380mm
Remote control distance ≤30m
Maximum control current 14A
The delay time of blackout 18s
Up or down time 5s to 6s
Working voltage DC 12V
Net weight 12KG
Gross weight 13.5KG
Packing dimension 63x53x12cm




Installation steps


1. Clean all surfaces where the Parking Lock is to be installed with dish-washing liquid (or similar) in warm water then allow time to dry. Make sure dust, oil and grease are removed from the surface area.

2. To fix the Parking Lock to the surface, place the unit on the ground with the sign facing the entry point. Centre it from left to right and approx. 0 mm – 100mm from the front entry point of your parking space (see diagram).

3. Mark the ground with a pencil using the 4 holes in the Parking Lock base to locate the exact position of the 3 holes to be drilled into the surface. Drill holes using an impact drill or similar. Holes (3 in total) must be 50mm (min) deep for the tamper-proof bolts (supplied) to fit.

4. Clean the dust away from the area from around the holes and the surface.

5. Cover the underside base of the Parking Lock unit with liquid nails or silicon. Make an “S” pattern when applying the adhesive for extra strength.

6. Position Parking Lock over the holes and insert tamper-proof bolts. Screw bolts with the large screwdriver until unit is secure. It is very important to tighten screws securely as any movement will cause the unit to come free when in use.

7. Connect the battery and the remote to the matching black locating sockets.

8. Close the lid of the battery box and lock it. You are now ready to operate your Parking Lock with the remote control.




6 Sec 12V Battery Screw Transmission Parking Space Barrier 0


Pakcing list


1 x BW-O unit

1 x Charger 220±10% volt

2 x Remote Controls

3 x Tamper-proof bolts 50mm

2 x Keys for control box

1 x Installation and Operation Manual


Maintenance/ Troubleshooting


A. If the Parking Lock does not operate:

1. Check if the battery is empty or not − take out and charge for 8 hours.
2. Check if the remote control battery is empty or not – unscrew the back of the remote and replace the battery.
3. Make sure there are no loose connections in the control box – secure the connection of the plugs and sockets
4. When you get in your car, always make sure the Parking Barrier is down flat on the ground. This will avoid any damage to your car and the Parking Lock – press the remote to make the Parking Barrier lay flat.


B. The Parking Barrier base has become unstable and moves when operating − Re-tighten tamper-proof bolts with large screwdriver or remove and replace bolts.





- Only operate your remote control when the Parking Lock is in your full view.

- Do not press the remote control while you are over the Parking Lock in your car.

- Always check that your Parking Lock has not risen under your car, before you drive away from your parking space. This may occur if you press the remote by mistake while it is in your pocket or handbag.

- The Parking Lock will stop when pressure is applied while in up or down motion. The remote must then be pressed to continue or to change direction of the motion, once the pressure is released.

- Avoid driving onto the unit with your car wheels.

- Do not let children play with the remote control.




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