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Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor
  • Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor
  • Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor
  • Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor
  • Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor

Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor

Place of Origin Shenzhen, China.
Certification CE
Model Number TRD-201
Product Details
Product Name:
Radar Sensor/Radar Detector
Input Voltage:
Working Consumption:
Person, Vehicle
Detect Distance:
Max. 6m(adjustable)
High Light: 

1.2W Barrier Gate Radar Sensor


24GHz Barrier Gate Radar Sensor


RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Detector

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Sample order accepted
US$50 ~ US$55
Packaging Details
Carton/Plywood box/Pallet
Delivery Time
3-7 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
1000 pcs per month
Product Description
Production Specification
Product Radar sensor
Working voltage 7-28VDC
Working consumption 1.2W
Detected Person, car
Background threshold Auto or manual
Sensitivity adjustable
Detect distance Max. 6m(adjustable)
Dimension 105mm x 78mm x 26mm
Communication port RS485, on and off signal
Dimension 115x85x31.2mm
Material ABS+PC
Protection IP65



Main Features

24GHz Anti-collision don't need to cut the ground, the installation is simple.
It can distinguish pedestrians and vehicles, with strong anti-interference, safety and reliability.
Wide range of use, most of the road gates in the general market, compatible with straight rod machines, fence machines, curved arms, advertising gates, airborne gates.
Internal circuit adopts high quality electronic components, with stable performance.
The Vehicle Detector is mainly used to detect the existence and passing of vehicles.


Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor 0


Are you still troubled to install loop detector and loops with the below disadvantages?

1) Cutting ground-Waste time and not good looking;

2) Complex wiring-Messy and Difficult;

3) Mud road-Cannot fix the loop;

4) Cannot detect big truck, trailer or other vehicles with high-bed.


Why choose barrier radar detector?

1) Can replace loop detector completely; no wiring layout, save time and cost.

2) Easy installation; Easy parameters setting; Adjustable distance from 1 to 6m.

3) Work in range of 24-24.5Ghz without effects from any climatic environment.

4) Can effectively distinguish vehicles and humans to avoid any hitting.

5) Can be used for trigger detection, e.g. trigger camera to capture the picture.

6) Can be used to trigger the alarm in the warning zone.

7) Can record the traffic and no data is lost when power is off.



Cost-effective short range 24GHz radar sensor for access control   

It adopts FMCW modulation mode, which can accurately detect people & vehicles, and it has high ability to

distinguish people & vehicles, so to achieve anti-hit function.


Trigger radar & Anti-hit radar                                                                      

Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor 1


Advantages in the application of access control system
1, Advanced signal processing technology can be used to detect pedestrians & vehicles stably, and effectively prevent "smashing vehicles and people".
2, Simple installation, no need to destroy the ground, greatly reducing the difficulty of construction and maintenance costs.
3, It has communication function of RS485, which is convenient and quick for parameter configuration.
4, Radar detection distance and area can be adjusted, and it can effectively prevent escape incidents.
5, Integrated design, small and beautiful, easy to integrate inside & outside.
6, Strong environmental adaptability, radar performance is not affected by light, dust, rain and snow, haze and other harsh environment.
7, Long service life: The life of the ground coil is generally 1~2 years, but the radar can reach 5~10 years.
Radar Detector Installation

1) The trigger radar and the anti-smash radar should be installed perpendicular to the lane's direction. The anti-smash radar is installed on the cabinet below the barrier boom. The trigger radar is installed on the special bracket for the radar installation. The optimal height from the ground to the radar center is 0.6 meters.

2) The barrier's cabinet must be fixed firmly to avoid shaking when the barrier is working.

3) Within the detection area, there should be no obstacles other than the barrier boom, e.g. traffic cones, isolation bars, signs, etc..

4) Please update the radar background in time after the environment in the detecting area is changed.

Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor 2

( The above picture's ratio is 10:1. The lane width is 3 meters and the trigger distance is 4 meters)


5) Anti-smash Radar Detector Installation Diagram

Anti Smash 1.2W 24GHz RS485 Barrier Gate Radar Sensor 3



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